Helping make British homes safer
Helping make British homes safer
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About Us

My home was broken into and all my personal possessions were thrown about by someone who cares nothing for decency and the sanctity of a home. We couldn't sleep for weeks after this and we lost faith in humanity. Then I got really angry and decided to do something positive. 

I am no longer going to let THEM win any more. My mission is to make life really difficult for these people who want an easy option, to take what is not theirs.

I got even angrier when I found out that it takes less than 10 seconds to get into most homes, because the standard of lock we fit in our homes is pretty much more than useless. TEN SECONDS to get into your home!

So time to FIGHTBACK everybody, are you going to let them have an easy life or are you ready to protect your home?

As we are committed to making British homes safer, Fight Back are leading the way in making cost effective, tailored home protection packages available to everyone. Check your home now, and ensure you and your family safe and secure.